Electric Vehicle and Supply Equipment Testing

Reliable, comprehensive, and bespoke testing solutions to get your electric and hybrid vehicles to market faster.

In the rapidly advancing electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) market, ensuring your automotive products stay ahead of the competition and guarantee performance, customer safety and satisfaction is vital. To support this global transition to EVs, Intertek offers a diverse portfolio of testing and assurance services for its customers, providing bespoke testing solutions for the manufacturers of EVs, corresponding accessories, and supply equipment.


Parallel Import EV On-site Testing in Hong Kong 

In Hong Kong, The Transport Department has issued the guidelines for importation and registration of pure electric vehicle (PEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), which not limited to private cars but also electric mopdes and motorcycles, to ensure the vehicles meet the safety standards. Similar to other motor vehicles, PEVs and PHEVs need to comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap. 374) and its subsidiary legislation and should be maintained in good and serviceable condition. The Transport Department has also released the Vehicle Construction Approval Requirements for Electric Vehicles which lists out the regulations, testing and corresponding standards to apply for electric vehicle approval in Hong Kong.


Intertek Hong Kong provides on site testing for parallel import EVs which includes:  

  • Inspection of  high-voltage electrical components of the vehicle 
    • Rechargeable energy storage system (RESS), on-board chargers, vehicle inlets, high voltage cables, terminals and connectors, energy conversion system assembly and traction systems, to check for any damages, wears, tears, burnt marks, poor workmanship and connections   
  • Record of specification of the high-voltage electrical components 
    • e.g. manufacturer’s plate / sticker   
  • Isolation resistance test 
    • Measurement method stipulated in UNECE-R100 or UNECE-R136 (if applicable)  
  • Record of photos to show the EV in different views and their accessories
  • Validation of declaration of the EV charging system including the validation of the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) is suitable for safe and reliable operation under the local electricity supply system
  • Validation of vehicle movement by its own propulsion system is impossible as long as the connector of the external electric power supply is physically connected to the vehicle charging inlet

and corresponding services to assist electric vehicle importers to apply the registration for the parallel import vehicles in Hong Kong. 


Reference Information:

Guidelines for importation and registration of pure electric vehicle (PEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

Vehicle Construction Approval Requirements for Electric Vehicles




Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Testing 

In additional to the EVs, the market of EVSE is also expected to grow accordingly. There are several major standards around the world for the EV chargers and connectors including SAE, IEC, GB/T and CHAdeMO. Intertek provides testing services according to the requirements for ETL listing in North America, ENERGY STAR, IECEE CB scheme, CE in EU, GB/T standards in China. We also provide the EVSE onsite output validation service to measure and validate the output power at output terminals in EV charging stations at designated stage of charging process.


Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) Testing

Considering short distance transportation, the use of self-balancing personal transport devices, including Electric Scooters, Hoverboards, Segway, Unicycles, Skates and Skateboards has also become more prevalent in many countries in recent years. Numerous safety issues with the devices have created uncertainty about their viability in the marketplace. Through our 360° suite of services, Intertek offers solutions for the devices themselves, their batteries, battery packs, software, chemicals, labelling, packaging and more.


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