Cybersecurity Certification

The Road to Successful Cyber Security Certification: We recognize that product certifications are business enablers for our customers. As a result, we aim to not only certify your products, but do so in an efficient, time and cost-effective manner. Intertek has the right philosophical approach as well as the right expertise to position vendors to best meet challenging government security certifications.

Our client-focused team will engage you to gain an understanding of your worldview so that we can adapt to your needs. We have used our unique experience to create a certification process that adapts to your development processes and timelines while ensuring a successful outcome. We work with your team to bake in security requirements into the development process instead of bolting them on.

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Cybersecurity Requirement for Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Concern for cybersecurity of Internet-connected radio equipment has now caused the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) to update their scope, including Article 3.3, which addresses security of radio interfaces. The Delegated Regulation EU 2022/30 defines requirements of cybersecurity for internet connected products covered by RED.


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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099