IEC 62368-1 Certification

Intertek can guide you through this new hazard-based electrical safety standard for ICT and Audio-Visual equipment.

Intertek Hong Kong’s experts can quickly and efficiently help you show compliance to the new standard – as well as national versions such as UL/CSA 62368-1 in the US and Canada. 
IEC 62368-1, is the electrical safety standard for ICT and audio/visual equipment. It merges IEC 60065, the electrical safety standard for audio, video and similar equipment, and IEC 60950-1, the standard for electrical equipment for information processing, office machinery and telecom equipment. It is however not merely a “merger” of 60065 and 60950-1 but rather a truly new standard that will effectively replace its predecessors. 
IEC 62368-1 represents a significant departure from past standards. IEC 62368-1 was introduced to simplify the problems created by the merging of the technologies of IT and audio/visual equipment and changes in technology at a constantly increasing speed. The standard focuses on the risks that may occur and gives manufacturers greater leeway in deciding how to design the protection. 
The standard divides a product’s safety risk into three levels. It specifies what constitutes an acceptable voltage, for instance, and what type of protection is required. 
The three standards will co-exist during the period until the effective date for IEC 62368-1. This means that under IEC 60065 and IEC 62368 components tested under either standard will be accepted. The same applies for IEC 60950 and IEC 62368.
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Need help or have a question?

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