Product Safety Training

With development of product safety standards, regulations and consumers increasing attention on product safety, consumer product branders and suppliers are laying more emphases on continuous compliance of products with related safety standards. Testing before production has been unable to satisfy the requirements, minimizing potential safety hazards is necessary to keep product quality in consistency.

At Intertek, we believe product risk and foreseeable use of product are predictable, and this essential safety knowledge can fundamentally transform your business and increase your competitive advantage in the market. The more you know or can learn, the more you can apply to your product and the greater your advantage in the marketplace. Some of the key challenges that corporations may face are:

Safety, A Realization of Risk

  • How to define essential safety?
  • How to minimize risk and identify the factors affecting risk?

Implementing Safety Process and Creating Competitive Advantage

  • How to successfully integrate risk into product development and process?
  • How to design the safest product possible and conduct a Design Hazard Analysis?
  • Where can you acquire the essential knowledge to increase customer confidence in your products?
  • How can your safety record create a competitive advantage in the industry?

Product Safety Training is suitable for anyone involved in the production of products consumed by the general public. This training provides analysis and understanding of crucial consumer product safety issues that designers and manufacturers face every day, while providing insight as to how to detect safety concerns and develop cost effective solutions that minimize potential safety hazards. 

Upcoming Product Safety Training in Hong Kong:

  •  April 18-19, 2018
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