During Production Verification (DPV)

If you want to eliminate recalls and quality issues of your products, having random sampling before distribution is usually not enough. During Production Verification (DPV) provides manufacturing process control that allows you to make timely corrective actions throughout the whole production. As such, the costs can be reduced through improving the efficiency of production and the risks of recalls can also be minimized.

Through sternly verifying each step of the production process, the quality of your final products can be ensured that to help manufacturers and buyers to mitigate risks of product failures or recalls after launching into the market. Our quality management experts can assist you to examine the production process by offering various monitoring services include manufacturers’ production process control, sub-supplier management, production line inspection, rework/repair process control and follow up CAP.

Benefits of Applying During Production Verification

  • Onsite verification of the manufacturing control for a specific shipment
  • Gain confidence that proper controls are in place and being followed
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Ensure product & client requirements are understood
  • Ensure product tests are performed according to the test plan
  • Validate documented improvements are executed effectively
  • Collect first hand product testing results from the factory's production line/ internal lab
  • Minimize business risks and costs through timely corrective actions and improvements