Product Risk Assessment

Risk comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and it's just as important to identify those risks as it is to validate product safety.

Your approach to risk management and how you mitigate risk affect your business. Managing risk and laying the groundwork for success.

Collection of intelligence is simple.

Identifying the potential risks of your product and learning how to manage those risks are easier and more efficient than what you have expected.

A extensive risk assessment screening tells you the risk probability and severity of your products. Using integrating our Injury and Fatality databases with Foreseeable Use and Human Factor evaluations, we present a comprehensive report on the risk levels associated with your designated product. 

Our resource is second to none.

By accessing emergency room data and death certificates as they apply to your product or its category, we can predict how consumers will interact with your product, apart from its intended use. And we also study and have in depth understanding in your product's physical makeup and the anatomical traits of your consumer.

You have the documentation as evidence to prove due diligence. We help you to eliminate uncertainties and pave the way to your success in the marketplace.

Intertek Risk provides time saving approach in product risk assessment. Figure out your potential risks from day one allows you to focus your efforts, invest wisely and validate safety of your product. 

Need help or have a question? +852 2926 3925

Need help or have a question?

+852 2926 3925
+852 2926 3925