Good Laboratory Management Services (GLM)

With in-depth knowledge and industry experience, Intertek provides professional consultation and management services for your laboratories.

Many companies have realized the importance of establishing their own laboratory services in order to closely monitor the quality of their products at various stages of production to minimize financial losses, and, ultimately, to protect their brand reputation.

We help you train qualified laboratory professionals, gain a better understanding of accurate test methods for different countries and learn how to establish comprehensive laboratory management systems to achieve such goals.

Related GLM services include:

  • Laboratory Evaluation - Provides evaluation on existing laboratory systems and advice on areas for improvement, such as laboratory design, equipment purchase and equipment correlation

  • Laboratory Training - Provides different laboratory training on lab safety requirements, managing laboratory technologies, qualifying laboratory staff and management and how to apply for accreditation

  • Laboratory Implementation - Provides guidance through the implementation process of a whole laboratory system; includes different technical documentation set up and system pre-auditing

  • Establishment of Laboratory - Successful establishment of laboratory or accreditations, CNAS, HKAS, UKAS, CMA
Need help or have a question? +852 2926 3925

Need help or have a question?

+852 2926 3925
+852 2926 3925