Chemical Management Assurance

Even though chemicals have become part of your everyday life, using hazardous chemicals or restricted substances could have harmful impacts to human’s health and the environment. With more tightened legislation and restrictions on hazardous chemicals by different countries, more pressures have put on brands and manufacturers to ensure their products are chemically safe that to minimize the loss and recalls of their products.

Intertek experts provide a comprehensive analysis on the chemical components of raw materials or finished products to help minimizing the potential chemical injuries on human bodies and the environment. By assessing the raw materials, you can avoid using hazardous or restricted chemicals as well as ensuring the materials are complying with the regulatory requirements before going into production.

Throughout the manufacturing process, monitoring each step of the production with particular assessments will assist you to identify any chemical contamination that can ensure the safety and quality of your finished products.

With Intertek' s chemical management and consultation services in your supply chain, you can proactively manage the production process that to minimize the potential risks associated with chemicals. This can protect your consumers, employees, workers, the environment and your brand.

  • Production Monitoring
  • Restricted Substances Management
  • Failure Analysis