Packaging Optimization

Faulty and inappropriate packaging will always make your sales decrease and harm your brand image. Ineffective packaging with poor design will not be able to help protect your products and utilize the shipment containers. As such, customer disappointments will be caused by damaged goods and packaging. Businesses will also need to spend more time and money for giving compensations, handling refunds and logistics.

Intertek provides a comprehensive range of packaging services that puts a leading edge on your products over the competitors. Packaging Optimization (PO) will assist you from choosing the raw materials for packaging to developing the ideal packaging designs. Our Packaging Consulting team and engineers will work directly with your company to determine key problematic packaging concerns, analyze your existing packaging designs and provide recommendations for enhancements.


 Benefits from Packaging Optimization:

  •  Lengthen product's lifespan by using correct materials
  •  Reinforce the interaction with customers and salability
  •  Change brand perception with innovative packaging design
  •  Cost saving and effective handling throughout distribution
  •  Develop eco-friendly and efficient packaging to add more value on products