The Intertek High-Performance Mark

A New Trustworthy Industry Standard for Performance Textiles


How can you educate your customers that your high-performance product is of top quality so that they will then pay more for that premium performance? Without mandatory regulations, how can you showcase the fact that your products meet the industry commercial standard or even excel in performance among other similar products on the market?


The fashion world has been changing direction in recent decades as a result of innovative developments and technological evolution. It turns the “wants” of functional clothing into the “needs”, which from the consumer’s perspective can be categorized simply as easy-care, protection and comfort. High-performance clothing is a way of using new technology to improve our lives.

The fact that there are no mandatory regulations in the global market to control the quality and safety of high-performance textile products presents a challenge for manufacturers, suppliers and buyers when making manufacturing and sourcing decisions without the aid of standardized benchmarking.

The industry standard for high-performance products is still at the evaluation stage and throws up difficulties in benchmarking similar products in the industry when designing a comprehensive industry standard.


As the first commercial textile-testing laboratory in Hong Kong with 45 years of expertise, Intertek Hong Kong works hard to support our customers in capturing the growth and opportunities in the high-performance textile markets. The launch of the Intertek High-performance Mark meets the needs of the trade and consumers in establishing standardized quality requirements.

The Intertek High-Performance Mark Scheme

At present, 14 commonly used high-performance marks are available for qualified textile and footwear products. They are categorized into three performance features: comfort, protection and easy-care.

Comfortable Performance


Protective Performance



Easy-care Performance


Ratings of Intertek High-Performance Marks

The High-Performance Mark is classified into three different levels: Good, Very Good and Excellent.

Under the Intertek standard, the Good level means that the product can meet the general commercial standard and can claim to possess the basic functions; the Very Good level indicates the function of the product is above average in the market; while the Excellent represents top quality performance compared to other similar products on the market.

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What Are Your Benefits?

  • Differentiate the quality of your high-performance textile products with the Intertek High-Performance Mark Scheme
  • Provide ‘proof of quality’ labelling so that you can charge more for your products 
  • Give confidence to consumers or buyers as the products have been verified by a world-leading Total Quality Assurance organization
  • Simple visuals for consumers to easily understand the products’ high-performance features 
  • Educate consumers of the value of products with functional performance features
  • Easy to trace-and-track performance of products with identifiable marks and certificates. 

Why Intertek Hong Kong?

  • The first quality assurance organization defining high-performance labelling to support clients to capture this growing sector and market share
  • The first commercial textile-testing laboratory in Hong Kong, with 45 years of unmatched knowledge 
  • End-to-end Total Quality Assurance Solutions in Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification, providing one-stop services including results review and consultation services
  • Total Quality Assurance Customer Promise: Precision, Pace and Passion
  • Innovative and bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s needs 
  • Super Chemical Centre with 300+ Chemists providing professional chemical-testing services 
  • Well recognized by global brands, retailers and buyers 
Please note these Terms and Conditions for High-Performance Mark Scheme apply in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Services.
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