Factory Audit

When sourcing premiums manufacturers, it is crucial to your business to know that you are sourcing a manufacturing site that employs quality systems and good manufacturing processes.

By working with Intertek you will gain direct access to well-trained auditors equipped with the latest audit techniques as well as audit experience in premiums industry.  No matter where your current or potential manufacturing sites are located, our local independent auditors can quickly offer their professional expertise and impartial status to ensure that you are not sacrificing the quality and integrity of your premiums.

During a Factory Audit, Intertek will examine your supplier's capabilities, quality systems, management commitment, hygene of factory, work instruction and operating procedures.  During the audit, our trained auditors will inform them of your specific quality requirements.  This service ensures that the appropriate suppliers are being selected and that your quality specifications are understood and being met.

Intertek will work with you to tailor made an audit program based on your specific needs and requirements.  This could include evaluation of the following aspects:

  • Quality control system
  • Manufacturing process
  • Internal training & auditing
  • Procurement process
  • Raw material management
  • Semi-finished and finished product management
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Need help or have a question?

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