Intertek expert addresses HK Transportation & Logistics sector

August 21, 2018

The expertise and knowledge of Intertek people is valued by many industry and governmental bodies around the world. We hold positions on industry working groups and committees in many areas of our work and our colleagues are often called upon to speak at meetings and events.

Alice Cheung, Intertek VP for Caleb Brett Hong Kong and Regional Commercial Director for Government and Trade Services (GTS) Asia, was recently invited by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA) to speak at their Annual Meeting.

Established in 1994, The Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA) has acted as a common platform for dialogue among ship liners, freight forwarders, logistics corporations and offers a channel for its members to receive most updated industry-related information.

Alice’s talk on ‘Trade Compliance in Emerging Markets’, focused on the impact of international trade rules on the supply structures and sourcing strategies of companies and explained how Intertek’s export compliance programs can help shippers to achieve smooth customs clearance and assure consumers of the quality and safety of imported goods in emerging markets.

Over 50 participants including e-commerce merchants, suppliers, manufacturers freight forwarders, international transportation providers and supply-chain professionals, attended the event.

Alice said: “As a recognized certification company in supply-chain and logistics that operates in all regions of the world, Intertek has demonstrated expertise in global trade compliance. Our team stays updated with all regulatory developments and compliance requirements. We are diligent in detecting potential issues to mitigate risks and promote compliant trade. Putting all of this together has made Intertek a trusted partner for trade compliance in the global markets.”