Opening of High Performance Textile Testing Centre affirms Intertek’s pioneering position in Hong Kong

March 28, 2017


(Hong Kong) Intertek Hong Kong celebrated the opening of its High-Performance Textile Testing Center at its Garment Centre premises on Mar 23, 2017. The new facility is one of the best-equipped testing centres in the region, providing a comprehensive range of advanced technology performance testing for global brands, retailers and manufacturers.

Intertek founded the first commercial textile testing laboratory in Hong Kong in 1973 and throughout the years, has been a pioneer at the forefront of high performance textile testing, developing a comprehensive range of testing methods, including for comfort (e.g. breathability, cooling), protection (e.g. thermal resistance, UV protection, water resistance) and easy care (e.g. oil release and water repellency). The exciting industry growth being forecast in the global sportswear retail market, expected to reach US$185 billion by 2020, combined with the increased trend for athleisure, has led to the need for leading brands and manufacturers to deliver high performance functionality and increased performance testing to meet global standards.

With a focus on delivering innovation and superior customer service, the Intertek Hong Kong test centre offers over 200 high-performance tests and unique testing technology including compression-sock testing and non-destructive down-fiber penetration resistance testing accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS). Intertek offers bespoke customer solutions to meet existing and new regulations and assure the comfort, protection and easy-care features of high-performance products, enabling customers to deliver quality products for the fast-growing high-performance fabrics, accessories and clothing market.

As consumer demand shifts to high performance clothing, assuring product quality and performance is becoming a key priority for our customers and the opening of this leading Intertek High Performance Testing Centre in Hong Kong affirms Intertek's commitment to providing Total Quality Assurance solutions to our customers.

Attending the launch event was Ms. Jane Lee, Secretary-General, Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Dr. Chi-Wai Kan, Associate Professor, Fashion & Textile Technology – Chemistry, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, along with government officials, industry leaders, academics and key customers. Also in attendance were representatives from leading brands, sourcing offices and mega suppliers who are seeking Total Quality Assurance solutions for high performance textile products.

Ms. Christina Law, Chief Executive, North East Asia, Intertek, said, “Today, our customers are keen on integrating high-performance features into their products, but are often faced with many challenges, including sourcing, technical and compliance issues. Intertek Hong Kong has always been a pioneer in innovation and in launching this new state-of-the-art facility, it reinforces our leading position to provide total peace of mind to our customers through our Total Quality Assurance solutions, and signifies a new chapter in our accomplishments."

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