GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Russia

Russia's GOST R certification programme applies to most goods being exported to Russia.

The GOST R certificate of conformity requires that imported products comply with Russian standards, quality and safety requirements.

The Gost-R certificate is required for customs clearance in Russia and for sale and/or marketing purpose within the country.

The Gost-R Russian certification programme covers a wide variety of products including toys, cosmetics, food products, textiles, household electrical products and industrial equipment.

Products that are covered in the scope of the mandatory GOSTR Certification programme once certified are required to show the registered GOST R sign, also known as the Mark of Conformity. The GOSTR, beside other mandatory types of Russian certificates signifies that the imported product complies with  Russian standards and  requirements for safety. These certificates can only be issued by GOST authorities accredited certification bodies.

Intertek have been working on these mandatory certificates since the start of the programme. Our staff are experts in the Gost-r certification programme and have extensive knowledge of its requirements and its objectives and so can confidently and efficiently help exporters in facilitating trade.

If your products are not subject to GOST R certification they may be subject to other kinds of Russian mandatory certification such as Declaration of Conformity, TR certificate or State Registration. Intertek's dedicated  experts on the Russian market will be able to advise you what certificate is required and offer you a custom made service to lead you through the certification process

Need help or have a question? +852 2854 8228

Need help or have a question?

+852 2854 8228
+852 2854 8228


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