Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Ethiopia

Intertek helps exporters to Ethiopia by providing inspection services to obtain the Certificate of Conformity

Introduced the Ethiopia Ministry of Trade about the mandatory testing and verification against 124 Compulsory Ethiopian Standards (CES).

To import below listed regulated products to Ethiopia, a Certificate of Conformity is required pre-shipment and  importers will be required to present the original Certificate of Conformity to Ethiopian Customs for clearance. An electronic copy will be held by the authority for authentication if and when needed.

Intertek is an approved provider of the new  certification services imposed by the Ethiopian MoT, and can provide exporters and importers with further information on the new standard requirements as well as delivering the necessary testing and certification services.

The list of regulated products:

•    Food and food products
•    Chemical products
•    Textile, leather, plastic and rubber
•    Construction materials
•    Electrical & electronics

How to Apply ? 

Please contact HK Intertek office and submit below infomration:

 a) Application form 

 b) Proforma invoice 

 c) Packing list 

  d) Test report



  1.       When the documents have been reviewed without problems, a payment requirement will be sent to you.  
  2.      After we receive the bank slip of the payment we will arrange the inspection (Please allow a minimum of 3  working days notification for arranging inspection).    
  3.       Once it reaches the inspection requirement, we will issue the original Certificate of Conformity for exporters to Ethiopia



Need help or have a question? +852 2854 8228

Need help or have a question?

+852 2854 8228
+852 2854 8228


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