Intertek Hygiene Inspection Certification Program

Winning Customer Confidence with Proven Quality

Every year, there are some one thousand food incidents in Hong Kong, of which microbiological contamination continues to be a major cause. Specific microorganisms of concern include Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli. Maintaining hygienic kitchen practices and procedures in order to keep customers safe and healthy is a crucial necessity for any catering business. 

Intertek’s Hygiene Inspection Program protects your restaurant from unwelcome and avoidable food problems, while the Intertek Quality Mark also provides confidence to your customers, leading to sustainable business growth. The program complements our existing wide array of food-testing and certification services in helping businesses monitor and improve back-of-house operations. It also provides peace of mind for diners as well as restaurant owners since they know their interests are being protected by professionals.


The Program

The program covers on-site hygiene inspection and food or swab-sample testing on an agreed schedule. A hygiene certificate will be presented to restaurants scoring over 75% during the hygiene inspection with test results meeting the Hong Kong Food Regulations.

Program Procedures

  • On-site hygiene inspection quarterly
  • On-site drawing of 3 swab samples and 2 food samples per inspection
  • Conduct 2 and 3 microbial tests for swab samples and food samples respectively
  • Renew certificate annually


Intertek Quality Mark

Restaurants which obtain this hygiene certificate will be allowed to showcase the “Intertek Quality Mark” 

Hygiene Inspection mark


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