Intertek HK Seminars 2019

DateTimeTopicVenueWho should attend
17-Jan (Thu)14:30 - 16:30How Can You Keep Ahead of the Competition under Sino-US Trade War?Intertek HKGlobal retailers and Chinese manufacturers who target the US market
18-Jan (Fri)14:30 - 16:30The Global Toy Standard UpdatesIntertek HKToys manfacturers that need to know more about the updates
15-Feb (Fri)14:30 - 16:30Latest News and Perspectives on California Prop 65Intertek HKManufacturers who sell to California
20-Feb (Wed)14:30 - 16:30A Lookback at 2018 – Powerful Industry Analysis on Textile Testing & CertificationIntertek HKStakeholders in the textile and apparel industry
15-Mar(Fri)14:30 - 16:30Common Failure of Toys Testing & FCC Standards Intertek HKManufacturers that need to sell compliant products
21-Mar (Wed)14:30 - 16:30[Intertek x HKRITA] How Can You Capture The New Era of Textile Innovation?Intertek HKManufacturers that are eager to know more about textile innovation
29-Apr (Mon)14:30 - 17:30A Perfect Food Label? You Can Do It!Intertek HKManufacturers that need to sell prepackaged food products
19-Jun (Wed)14:30 - 16:30Workshop: Intensive Recall Case Study and Crisis Management in Textile MarketIntertek HKStakeholders that need to know about recall cases in the textile market
7-Jul (Fri)14:30 - 16:00Webinar: How well do you know about AMAZON Packaging Test?Intertek HKStakeholders who want to know more about the package & pricing details
19-Jul (Fri)14:30 - 16:30Things You Should Know About Developing Qi Wireless Charging Products SmartlyIntertek HKManufacturers that want to sell wireless charging products
9-Aug (Fri)14:30 - 16:305 Things you should know about Manufacturing Swimming AidsIntertek HKManufacturers that want to sell swimming aids
15-Aug (Thu)14:00 - 17:30優質跨境貿易新攻略Intertek HKAll Corporations who is doing cross-border trades
21-Aug (Wed)14:30 - 16:30Intertek Brings You The New Approach of Marketing All Seasons Clothing with Thermal Comfort FeatureIntertek HKManufacturers that want to produce Anti-Radiation clothing
5-Sep (Thu)14:30 - 16:30The 6 Major Wireless Platforms You Should Know for Your Smart Home AppliancesIntertek HKManufacturers that wish to sell Smart Home devices
9-Oct (Wed)14:30 - 16:30Things You Should Know about Shipping Your Products Faster by Retailer Protocol Testing and Risk Assessment ProgramIntertek HKCorporations that want to know how risk assessment program can streamline logistics process
16-Oct (Wed)14:30 - 16:30Key Sustainable Textile Innovations That Will Transform Fashion IndustryIntertek HKStakeholder in the fashion industry
25-Oct (Fri)14:30 - 16:30Things You Must Know About Food Contact Safety and ComplianceIntertek HKManufacturers selling food packaging products
14-Nov (Thu)14:30 - 16:30Re-evaluation on “Green” and “Costly”: Packaging DesignIntertek HKCorporations, enterprises, manufacturers that wish to go green and save expenses
22-Nov (Fri)14:30 - 16:30Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in Global Cosmetics MarketIntertek HKManufacturers that want to win safe in the global cosmetic market
6-Dec (Fri)14:30 - 16:302019 Outline for Global Regulatory Update of Toys and Children ProductsIntertek HKToys and children products manufacturers that want to sell well globally
11-Dec (Wed)14:30 - 16:302019 Outline for Global Regulatory Update of Textile & Apparel ProductsIntertek HKStakeholders of the apparel industry