Egypt- Regulated Product List and Requirements

The Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade in Egypt recently issued two new decrees which come into effect fully from 16th March 2016.

Decree No. 991/2015 & Decree No. 43/2016 introduce significant changes to the import clearance procedure and also the expansion of the list of Regulated products.


The Regulated Product list now includes (but is not limited to): 

1.Food-Milk and milk products, Oils and fats, Fruit juices, etc.

2.Health and Beauty products-Soap and Washing preparations, Beauty and make-up products, etc

3.Tableware-Cutlery and kitchen utensils, Tableware glass articles, etc.

4.Sanitary ware – Baths, Shower Baths, Sinks, etc.

5.Electricals- Household electrical appliances(stoves, fryers, air conditioners, etc.)

6.Lighting- Lighting equipment for household use


8.Textiles-Textiles, clothing, home textiles,carpets, etc.

9. Footwear


The CoI process is as outlined below:

Step 1: Submission of Application Form by the Applicant

Step 2: Review of the Applicant’s Submitted Documentations by the Authorized Certification Body

Step 3: Shipment Inspection by the Appointed Inspector

Step 4: Shipment Testing by the Accredited Laboratory

Step 5: Issuance of the Final Certification Decision by the Authorized Certification Body