Certificate of Inspection for Exports to Egypt

Registration and a certificate of inspection are mandatory for all regulated products exporting to Egypt now.

The Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade in Egypt recently issued two new decrees (Decree No. 991/2015 and 43/2016), which have come into effect and been fully implemented on 16th March 2016.

  1. Decree No. 43 - Amendments of the regulations for the registration of licensed factories to import to Egypt.
  2. Decree No. 991/2015 – Importing some products with special requirements.

Decree No. 991/2015 and 43/2016 introduce significant changes to the import clearance procedure and expand the list of Regulated products.  Please visit Egypt- Regulated Product List and Requirements for more details.


As a qualified inspection solution provider, Intertek fulfills the related ministerial requirements to review and analyze shipments containing those products in conjunction with applicable Egyptian Standard and issue a Certificate of inspection (Coi) that will be formally recognized by Egypt Customs Authorities. 


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