ErP Directive 2009 125 EC - European Union

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In November 2009, the Energy-using Products Directive 2005/32/EC (EuP) is replaced by the Energy-related Products Directive 2009/125/EC (ErP) and this impacts all energy-related products sold within the EU. According to the European Commission, an energy-related product is any energy-using product or energy-saving product "having an impact on energy consumption during use."

The new ErP Directive will now include a broader range of products.  In addition to products which use, generate, transfer or measure energy, certain energy-related products that could also contribute to significant energy saving during use will be included; for example, construction products including windows, insulation products or water using products such as showerheads and taps.

The Eco-design Directive for Energy-related Products establishes a framework under which manufacturers and importers of Energy-related products (ErP) will, at the design stage, be obliged to increase energy efficiency and reduce the negative environmental impacts of products. The ErP Directive itself does not include any requirements for specific products. It is the implementing measures (IMs) that provide the prescription for compliance for each product category.

Products of concern will continue to be defined by Implementing Measures that will be required to meet the generic and specific eco-design requirements as defined as follows:

Generic Eco-design Requirements 

Eco-design requirements based on the ecological profile as a whole of a product without set limit value for particular environmental aspects.

Specific Eco-design Requirements 

A quantified and measurable eco-design requirement relating to a particular environmental aspect of a product, such as energy consumption during use, calculated for a given unit of output performance.

Current Implementing Measures (IM) 

ErP Solutions - Compliance 

  • ErP Pre-Compliance Verification: For R&D purposes, compliance planning and determination of market readiness, to learn how your product measures up against proposed and future ErP regulations
  • ErP Compliance Verification: To obtain full verification to the appropriate EuP Implementing Measures and an Intertek test report for technical file and Statement of Compliance for legal CE Marking of your product. We will also advise and provide you with the most cost-effective method to comply with other New Approach Directives

ErP Solutions - Training & Consulting 

Our experts in the environmental legislation and product compliance have untangled the ErP Directive.

  • ErP Training & Consulting
    • Learn WHAT your quickest, most cost-efficient compliance options are. We'll tell you IF, WHEN, and HOW ErP affects you. 
  • ErP Eco-Software Analysis
    • Let Intertek perform an analysis of your company's Ecological profile according to the ErP Directive specifications to facilitate your internal design control.
  • ErP Life Cycle Analysis
  • ErP Compliance Assurance


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Need help or have a question?

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