ENERGY STAR® Program Testing and Certification

As an EPA Recognized Certification Body for all gas and electrical ENERGY STAR® product categories, Intertek provides the fastest, most efficient way to ENERGY STAR® Certification for all third-party requirements.

Intertek was not only among the first laboratories in the world to obtain status as both an EPA Recognized Testing Laboratory AND an EPA Recognized Certification Body (CB), but also is the ONLY Recognized Certification Body to cover certification for all gas and electrical ENERGY STAR® product categories that include more than 60 product types across Appliances, Home Electronics Products, HVAC, Information Technology, Lighting, and Commercial Food Service Equipment. Download ENERGY STAR Product Category list.


About the Changes to the ENERGY STAR® Program  

EPA and DOE have announced enhancement of product qualification and verification to the ENERGY STAR® Program (Source: Since January 2011, prior to ENERGY STAR® labeling, all ENERGY STAR® Partners are required to have third-party ENERGY STAR® certification of product performance. Partners also have to submit products to the respective products' EPA Recognized Certification Body for on-going verification testing in order to ensure the labeled products' continuity in meeting ENERGY STAR® requirements. 


24-hour Certification  

Intertek will provide 24-hour certification for the new ENERGY STAR® third-party certification requirements. After meeting the required testing parameters, manufacturers can catch time-to-market demands for seeking ENERGY STAR® approvals.


Global Network of Energy Efficiency Testing Labs  

Intertek deployed 18 global Energy Efficiency Testing Laboratories, throughout North America, Asia and Europe, for manufacturers' testing requirements.  

Intertek Hong Kong can provide immediate testing capacity for qualification and verification testing for Appliances, Office Equipment, Home Electronics and Lighting.

  • 24-hour ENERGY STAR®certification (after meeting testing parameters)
  • Our proprietary Energy Efficiency Certification Program which gives you the convenience, efficiency and savings of all-in-one Energy Efficiency testing, certification and administration for the world's most prominent schemes (ENERGY STAR®, DoE, NRCAn, CEC, ErP, MEPS, SASO, EcoLabel and more)
  • Intertek's Green Leaf Certification, a customer-facing Mark and Label scheme quickly shows your products' compliance with the environmental standards to the buyers
  • Bundled ENERGY STAR® with the ETL Listed Mark for electrical safety certification for North America and Europe
  • ENERGY STAR® Partners can conduct testing in their own labs, as part of Intertek's SATELLITE Data Acceptance Program


SATELLITE Data Acceptance Program  

Additionally, ENERGY STAR® Partners that conduct testing in their own labs can be as part of Intertek's SATELLITE Data Acceptance Program. Intertek collect the Partners' test data for engineering review to product specification requirements, and then award ENERGY STAR® certification for the products that are in compliance. For this, formal ISO 17025 accreditation of your lab is NOT required.

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Need help or have a question?

+852 3008 2099
+852 3008 2099