The World's FIRST Certified Qi EPP Wireless Power Products

Intertek Hong Kong Certifies the World’s FIRST Qi Extended Power Profile (15W) Wireless Power Receiver and Transmitter

Maintains Leadership in the Wireless Charging Testing and Certification Industry

Intertek Hong Kong, the world’s FIRST authorized testing laboratory (ATL) accredited by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for the Qi testing specification, is proud to announce that we tested and certified the world’s FIRST Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) wireless power receiver and transmitter with 15W power delivery enabling fast charging and high efficiency.
We tested and certified both the EPP transmitter evaluation board and the EPP receiver evaluation board of ROHM Co., Ltd. to the first Qi EPP specification (Qi specification V.1.2.0). The company's evaluation boards were registered on the WPC website on 27 Oct 2015 and 20 Nov 2015 respectively.
We also have tested and certified the EPP receiver evaluation board of ROHM Co., Ltd. to Qi specification V.1.2.2, and this was registered on the WPC website on 14 July 2016.
This was the world's FIRST release of a Qi EPP receiver to Qi specification V.1.2.2!
Intertek Hong Kong offers testing and certification services for both Qi Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) devices. It is crucial that chipset or end-product manufacturers test their products according to the latest Qi specification before mass production in order to ensure they are qualified and ready for market. 



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