Intertek Offers Life, Safety & Security Product Testing and Certification

Intertek has provided the testing and certification services of LSS security products for many years, covering various aspects of products and technologies.

The infrastructural goal of smart home and smart city is vigorously promoted by diverse national governments in recent years. In addition to the familiar widely setting of monitors for assistance in criminal investigation, security products (LSS, Life Safety & Security) is also an important part of construction provisioning making people's lives safer and healthier. The new LSS security products imported with high technology create a wireless, compact, ease-of-installation and reliable, durable security system.   

LSS security products refer fire alarms, burglar alarms, gas alarms, emergency systems, etc. which is a combination of various kinds of sensors, alarm panels and alarm notification systems. The applied testing and certification standards/regulations are different according to the LSS security products’ different techniques and applications. For example, there are different corresponding standards/regulations for residential and commercial use, sensors and alarm systems, cable transmission and wireless transmission, fire alarms, burglar alarms and medical alarms. 

Since the purpose of LSS security products is for security and protection, in order to strive to achieve the target of zero false alarm and omissive alarm, the suitable corresponding standards are explicitly required for functionality, durability and reliability. The requirements of LSS security products standards are generally different from those of traditional safety standards, mostly contain the following three requirements:
   - Traditional safety requirements
   - EMC requirements
   - Environmental reliability requirements 
Especially most of the new generation LSS security products are adopting wireless transmission, i.e. the products do not require in-building cables which can be avoid of installation, maintenance and aesthetic shortcomings, mostly adopt traditional 433MHz radio frequency or 2.4 GHz Zigbee, Z-wave or Bluetooth wireless signal transmission. In order to achieve the reliability of signal transmission, radio frequency wireless transmission signals are required to go through a series of interference verifications ensuring the stability and reliability of the entire system. 


Intertek has provided the testing and certification services of LSS security products for many years, covering various aspects of products and technologies. Our laboratories have been in response to customer demands, established LSS security product testing capabilities and provided you the testing services. The currently enforceable standards are as below: 
- UL 1023: Standard for Household Burglar-Alarm System Units
- UL 1635: Standard for Digital Alarm Communicator System Units
- UL 2017: Standard for General-Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems
- UL 634: Standard for Connectors and Switches for Use with Burglar-Alarm Systems
- Radio Frequency Test: UL 365, UL 864, UL 985, UL 1023, UL 1069, UL 1635, UL 1637, UL
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