Pets at Home - Pet Product Testing

Differentiating pet products in the global marketplace

Intertek Hong Kong is honoured to certify the outstanding performance and safety of a series of pet products from Pets at Home, UK's leading specialist retailer of pet-related products.

Pets at Home offers a variety of pet products including pet supplies, pet food, toys and accessories. In 1991, its first store opened in Chester, UK. In 2012, Pets at Home opened its Asian regional sourcing office in Hong Kong, aiming to provide its customers - both human and animal - with a knowledgeable and enjoyable in-store experience.

As the demand for pet supplies has skyrocketed in recent years, pet products are becoming more commonplace. However as of today, there are very limited mandatory standards or regulations in place for pet products. Some companies would therefore turn to children toy safety regulations for their pet products as half measures. Nonetheless, people have been giving manufacturers and retailers the side-eye and questioned if the chemical or mechanical testing standards were legit.

As a Total Quality Assurance solutions provider, Intertek has been working ceaselessly to safeguard the quality and safety of pet products in the market. Intertek offers a full range of testing services for pet products, they include: Dog bite/tearing test, stuffed toy bite shaking test, leash tensile test and endurance test etc.

Says Rosanna Tsui, Quality & Packaging Manager, Pets at Home: "As a specialist pet care business, Pets at Home promises everything we sell is responsibly sourced and tested. We strive to provide the highest quality pet supplies and service for our furry friends. Thank you, Intertek, for your extensive product knowledge which supports us in our quest to be the best. With the innovative testing solution, we can give our customers peace of mind that they are buying top-notch quality items."

Says Michael Chan, Director, Toys and Hardlines: "We are excited to be working with Pets at Home. We pride ourselves in helping manufacturers and retailers create a competitive advantage within an industry that faces minimal mandatory regulation. We will continue to serve the pet product industry in the future and we are confident that we can position ourselves as a gatekeeper - protecting the welfare and safety of our furry friends too!"
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