Case Study: Intertek High-Performance Mark Supports Zyphr in Creating Effective Market Positioning

Performance differentiation claims influence consumers in local market

06 July 2020

Industry Challenge
Zyphr is a Hong Kong performance sportswear brand that makes use of high-performance fabrics in their products in order to help athletes achieve better comfortability when they exercise. Given lots of activewear brands in the local market, Jason Yau, the founder of CEO of the company dictates that the brand must stand out against the keen competition as their key factor for success.

Zyphr is positioning itself as the first Hong Kong performance sportswear brand providing high-quality sportswear to enhance athletes’ performance. They are now working with Intertek to verify their high-performance fabrics for their premium performance leggings.

Breathable garments allow sweat vapor to disperse, keeping the wearer comfortable. Another key performance criterion in maintaining body heat is moisture management. To keep the wearer comfortable, not only should the fabric allow perspiration to evaporate from the skin surface, but the moisture should also be able to evaporate from the fabric surface. These two features are important for advanced performance sportswear.

The fact that there are no mandatory regulations in the global market to validate the quality of high-performance textile products presents a challenge for manufacturers, suppliers and buyers when making manufacturing and sourcing decisions. Our High-Performance Mark Scheme establishes standardized quality requirements in the market. Under this scheme, products passing the pre-defined requirements will be provided with the High-Performance Mark, Trade Dressing with the attained performance feature(s) and Certificate.

Intertek Hong Kong helps Zyphr to conduct breathability and moisture management testing and verifies the performance of their “Print Performance Leggings”. The breathability and moisture management features of their “Print Performance Leggings” have been tested by ASTM E96 and AATCC 195 methods respectively and the results qualified for the “Breathable” and “Moisture Management” claims under the Intertek High-Performance Mark Scheme.

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Image Source: Zyphr Apparel Ltd.

The Intertek High-Performance Mark visualizes the performance features in the trade dressing and provides a QR code enabling consumers and buyers to access Intertek’s online portal for more information regarding the verified product and its performance features.

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Intertek High-Performance Mark Trade Dressing

These marketing claims help strengthen Zyphr’s positioning as the first local brand with performance features verified by a third-party quality assurance organization, giving consumers greater confidence and trust in their products.