Intertek Healthy Dish Certification Program

Promoting Healthy Diets with Recognized Standard

The concept of eating healthy continues to receive increased attention by the public. More and more people now favor a low-fat, low-sugar and low-salt (sodium) diet. However, consumers do not get much of a healthy choice in restaurants these days, and there is no way of knowing which dishes are classified as healthy dishes.

Intertek Healthy Dish Certification Program helps restaurants promote healthy dish options to consumers with confidence, and provides guidance for consumers on how to select meals for a more healthy life. Certificates will be granted on the basis of adequate healthy options being provided to consumers. For example, dishes are evaluated to have salt (sodium), sugar and fat levels matching international reference values on recommended daily intake (RDI) per meal.

The Program

The program includes evaluation of recipes based on intended consumption and RDI values of salt (sodium), sugar and fat. The actual food sample will also be analyzed in our food laboratory to substantiate such a claim. Chefs are interviewed to ascertain a clear concept of reduced salt/sugar/fat.

 Program Procedures

  • Evaluate whether salt/sugar/fat level in the recipes matches international guidelines on RDI per meal.
  • Analyze actual healthy-dish sample regularly for claim substantiation
  • Renew certificate annually 

Intertek Quality Mark

Restaurants with a clearly identified set of healthy dishes meeting Intertek’s evaluation criteria will be granted a certificate, together with permission to display the “Intertek Quality Mark” in their restaurants, as well as on their menus, website and other promotional items.

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