10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Clothes Dryer

Need to know how to choose the right product and advice before you start shopping for clothes dryer? See our clothes dryer buying tips.

10 April 2016


In this rainy, wet season, there are always those days where there is too much laundry or not enough sun to get everything dry.  It may also cause moldy smell when the clothes dry too slowly, that’s why you need a good clothes dryer. Below are some tips for purchasing and using a clothes dryer.


  1. Choose a clothes dryer with an energy label to save energy. Dryers with Grade 1 energy label can save 20% and 40% more energy than Grade 3 and 5 ones.  
  2. Base on your needs to choose suitable volume dryer. Unnecessary large volume wastes energy. 
  3. Dryer with moisture detection and auto-stop function generally can save more energy. 
  4. Check if the product has passed the Hong Kong testing standard on energy efficiency (IEC 61121) and safety( IEC 60335-2-11 and IEC 60335-1) 
  5. Be aware of the of the control panel design if the dryer will be installed on top of the washing machine, make sure the control panel can be easily accessed.  
  6. Large drum can prevent wrinkle but consumes more energy. 
  7. Some dryer require an opening for venting exhaust air. Check the availability of such opening for the duct works. 
  8. Ensure a dryer is installed on a flat and stable platform so as to prevent vibration and reduce the noise from operations. 
  9. For small installation space, beware of the direction of door swing and your easy access.  
  10. Check whether the filter is easy to reach and clean.