Smart Clothing - Innovative Products for Textile Manufactures and Fashion Brands

Smart products have come to dominate the electronics market and more new products are coming out every minute.

12 May 2016

Imagine that you could monitor your breathing rate, heartbeat, movement and more with just one click by putting on smart clothing connected to a smart phone! And that you could check your exercise record anytime to review your level of exercise and performance, and that your smart clothing could tell you when you don’t get enough exercise!

Today’s go-ahead fashion and sport brands are fast developing a global smart-clothing market. Meanwhile, smart-clothing technology is expected to steadily expand to other industries, such as personal protective equipment. However, successful smart clothing depends to a great extent on the product’s safety, durability, and accuracy—and that’s the key challenge when adding smart functions to clothing.

To capture these new market opportunities, you need a professional testing expert as your quality-solutions partner. With the required expertise in smart clothing development, we can provide tailor-made testing plans to differentiate your product with trusted testing and certification solutions.

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