Update On Novel Coronavirus

25 February Update

Measures Intertek is taking in Greater China

Intertek’s first priority is always the health, safety and security of our people and delivering outstanding service levels to our highly-valued customers.

In response to the developing Novel Coronavirus situation in China and in other countries, Intertek has taken immediate and extensive actions to manage the risk of infection within our operations and wherever we work for our customers.

Mainland China

While our mainland China business started operating from 10 February, the resumption of normal business has been disrupted by mandatory national and local control and prevention measures which include quarantine periods of 14 days for certain colleagues who travelled during the holiday. As those quarantine periods are now expiring, we expect to see the start of a ramp up towards normal operations.

We are aiming to provide the highest standard of customer service. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or customer representative.

Hong Kong SAR, China

Our Hong Kong operations resumed as usual on 29 January. On 11 February, it was confirmed that one of our colleagues who returned to work at our Hong Kong Garment Centre in Kowloon had contracted the Coronavirus and we took the decision to temporarily close the Garment Centre from 11 February for 14 days. We took immediate action to minimise the impact on our customers’ business operations and communicated to them new temporary work arrangements.

Following that two-week temporary closure, the Hong Kong Garment Centre reopened on 25 February and Intertek Hong Kong is now fully operational.

At Intertek, the health and safety of our people and customers is our number one priority and we apologise for any inconvenience the temporary closure of our centre may have caused.

Taiwan, Greater China

Our Intertek Taiwan operations resumed as usual 30 January.

Our commitments to our Customers

At Intertek, our commitment to health and safety is a foundation which we affirm to all of our internal and external stakeholders. We are working closely with our customers and doing everything possible to mitigate the potential risks caused by the coronavirus, such that we provide business continuity of our customers’ operations.

Should customers need further information, please contact your Intertek representative on our 24/7 Hotline who will assist:

MarketFirst Date of Site Operation
after Lunar New Year Holidays
Enquiry Hotline
Mainland ChinaFeb 10, 2020+86 400 886 9926
Hong Kong SAR, ChinaJan 29, 2020+852 3008 2099
Taiwan, Greater ChinaJan 30, 2020+886 2 6602 2888

We have 85 sites in China and the following business lines: Electrical, Softlines, Hardlines, Food, Business Assurance, Supplier Management, Transportation Technologies, Caleb Brett, Agri, Minerals, IESS and Industry Services. We have 11,698 employees in mainland China and Hong Kong (as at 19 December 2019). In Wuhan, we have only one site – a branch office with 30 employees working for TT, Food, BA, and SM.

The actions we have taken in China include:

  • Health alerts and guidance to our colleagues, including a detailed “Novel Coronavirus Control and Prevention Manual”.
  • In accordance with this manual, we have hygiene and other protection measures in the work-place, at home and at customer locations for field-based colleagues, including:
    • the use of face masks;
    • regular replacement and safe disposal of face masks;
    • the use of hand sanitiser and latex gloves; and
    • disinfection of air-conditioning.
  • When conducting field-based Health assessments for factories, vendors or customer sites, we will be asking our partners to first confirm they have no suspected cases of coronavirus and have taken their own precautionary measures before we deploy our people.

Measures Intertek is taking globally

We have put a complete restriction on international travel by our people out of and into mainland China and Hong Kong.

We have also issued communications to all our people, in line with World Health Organisation guidance, on how to minimise the risk of viral infection to them and others by taking effective hygiene measures and avoiding situations where the risk of infection could be heightened.

In other Asia markets (including Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), we are working as normal and in line with all local authority quarantine and prevention guidance, and have implemented heightened control, hygiene and prevention measures including the use of face masks. We have reviewed the adequacy and suitability of our business continuity plans against the potential risks as the situation develops.

Intertek Information Update

This is a developing situation; we are continuing to monitor very closely and we will provide regular updates.