Product Assurance Training in Hong Kong - 2017

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Product Assurance Training is a professional course which focuses on integrating safety into your business process.  It is designed for anyone involved in the production of consumer products.

Participants of the two-day course will gain knowledge on making decisions based on better risk assessment on products and business processes. In the form of lectures, workshops and small group discussions, the course will cover topics including key safety principles, injury/fatality and recall data analysis, foreseeable use, human factors and manufacturing defect analysis. International retailers, traders and manufactures are welcome to join to learn about the essential product assurance knowledge that can help protect your brand and add value to your business. Tea breaks and lunches and all course materials will be provided. 


Training Details


March 1-2, 2017


9 am to 5 pm


Hotel in HK



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Enrolment Deadline:

Feb 13, 2017 (Mon)


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